ITZY Reveal Their True Feelings About Meeting Fans In Person After A Long Time Apart

The long-awaited reunion between ITZY and MIDZY

ITZY uploaded a behind-the-scenes video from their first fan meeting on April 9, revealing their true feelings after not seeing their fans in person for two years.

Two hours before the start of the fan meeting, Yeji and Chaeryeong opened up about how they hadn’t seen their fans in a full venue since the release of “ICY.” While they were definitely excited that the time had finally come to meet fans in person again, they were also super nervous since it would be the first time in a very long while.

| ITZY/YouTube

Lia mentioned how she was more nervous because she could see the fans much more clearly, making the whole experience more personal, and Yuna noted that she was excited but worried she might cry upon seeing the fans.

Yeji also shared how this fan meeting would be the first time she invited her mom to watch her stage since ITZY’s debut and that her mom had been eagerly looking forward to it.

Likewise, Ryujin found her parents in the audience and said that seeing them charged her energy for the stage.

With steadfast support from their parents and each other, the girls encouraged one another before the start of the show.

The fan meet proceeded smoothly, and towards the end of the fan meet, MIDZY surprised ITZY by singing “Trust Me” and holding banners saying that they’d always be by ITZY’s side, causing all of them to burst into tears.

Yeji gave a loving speech afterwards telling MIDZY that ITZY would keep working hard to make them proud, and the girls thanked their fans before leaving the stage. Sharing another emotional hug amongst themselves, ITZY’s first fan meeting ended successfully, undoubtedly becoming a precious memory for both the idols and fans alike.

You can watch the full video below: