ITZY Learns Firsthand How Different Fans From This Country Are From Others

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ITZY has fans from all over the world, but there is one country in particular that has a different fan culture than most: Japan. Member Yeji realized something about them during their recent trip to the country.

Yeji |

In a vlog, Yeji and Yuna were filmed going shopping together. While walking around the city, the maknae mentioned that she noticed that the group’s Japanese fans are really cute. She even repeated herself right away, saying they are “super kawaii.”

That prompted Yeji to talk about a trait of theirs that she noticed. Unlike many other countries, Japanese fans tend to keep to themselves even when spotting the celebrities in person.

They don’t approach the girls and just say to themselves, “That’s ITZY!” It’s why she could roam around freely without being stopped on the streets.

I heard Japanese fans don’t interfere much when they see celebrities, so celebrities can freely walk around. And they just quietly say “That’s ITZY!” And I learned that’s true.

— Yeji

And just like Yeji mentioned, ITZY really roamed around the streets of Japan without being stopped by anyone. Japanese fans would whisper to themselves that they saw ITZY and occasionally take a picture, but they weren’t asked to stop.

The girls were able to enjoy a scrumptious meal…

…and buy lots of cute clothes.

It was definitely a trip to remember!

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube