ITZY’s Heartfelt Promise To Fans Is Making Everyone Emotional

Their promise to fans shows how sweet they really are:

Since their debut, everyone has fallen in love with ITZY and now ITZY have issued their own heartfelt promise to fans that is making everyone feel incredibly emotional.


ITZY has definitely been feeling all the love and support they’ve been given since the very beginning.  With all their well-deserved awards and smashed records, it’s easy to see just how outstanding ITZY really is but they haven’t been attributing their own hard work to their records, they’ve been thanking their fans.


During a recent livestream, ITZY showed just how humble and grateful they are to their fans and made a very heartfelt promise that is making everyone, ITZY included, emotional.


At the beginning of the livestream, Ryujin, YunaChaeryeong, Yeji, and Lia were all given a stack of fan letters and while getting ready for their next event, they read through each and every one of them.


The letters made them incredibly happy but also brought some serious emotions with them. Because the letters were full of love and support, they made Chaeryeong so happy that she ended up in tears!

“I feel like crying. I’m so happy.”



Since they felt so much love from their fans, they each made a special promise to fans. They vowed to do their best and repay all the support and love they’ve received.

We received so many letters. We’re reading all of them. They’re saying so many nice things, so I can’t stop smiling. For the fans that cherish us so much, we will work harder as ITZY and I will work hard as ITZY’s Yeji. I really love you all!

— Yeji


With those words, ITZY has already shown a whole lot of love right back! They really are incredibly sweet and humble. To see the heartwarming moment, check out the video below.