Why IU Had The Best First Impression Of Any Celebrity ITZY Ever Met

Lia and Chaeryeong spoke up about why.

Although ITZY appeared on IU’s Palette only once, that didn’t stop the girls from remembering their first impression of IU and why it was the best one they ever received from a celebrity.

ITZY with IU (center). | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

While doing their best to answer thirty questions in three minutes for BuzzFeed Celeb, the girls came across a question they interpreted in their own way. Rather than give their “best impression of another celebrity,” they revealed a celebrity with the best first impression.

Before anyone else could answer, Yuna immediately named IU. The members nodded their heads in agreement just as quickly. There was a reason why meeting IU was such a good memory for them.

Lia said, “She was really nice,” while Chaeryeong added, “She was so sweet.

ITZY gave everyone yet another reason why the solo singer has been loved by fans and idols for so many years.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

Watch the girls gush about IU’s kind personality.