ITZY’s Lia And Chaeryeong Reveal How They Felt When They Were Told They Were Debuting

They both gave honest answers.

In a recent episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021, ITZY‘s Lia and Chaeryeong revealed how they honestly felt when they were told they were debuting.

ITZY’s Lia

ITZY’s Chaeryeong

In the episode, Chaeryeong spoke about how Lia was with her throughout most of her trainee days.

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Chaeryeong even said when she thinks of a “co-trainee,” Lia is the first person that comes to mind.

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Lia then brought up how the members were one day called together and told they were going to be debuting. When Lia first heard this, before feeling happiness, she told herself that she worked hard.

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For Chaeryeong, she felt relieved.

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The two concluded by speaking about how they’re glad they got to debut together!

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Here’s the full video below!