ITZY’s Lia and Chaeryeong Prove Their Incredibly Kind Hearts, Hoping That Fans Will Follow Their Example

They’re encouraging fans to do the same!

Recently ITZY has been releasing a series of vlogs where two of the members are paired up to go on adventures with each other.

Yeji and Lia went on a trip together to cross off an item on Yeji’s bucket list.

ITZY’s Yeji (left) and Lia (right) |

Ryujin and Chaeryeong ate lunch together, reminiscing about trainee days.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong (left) and Ryujin (right) |

Lia and Yuna went to get a tarot reading together.

ITZY’s Yuna (left) and Lia (right) |

Yeji and Yuna visited a fish market.

ITZY’s Yuna (left) and Yeji (right) |

And most recently, ITZY released a vlog of Lia and Chaeryeong doing crafts together and then going out for food.

In the vlog, both members explain that they like to work with their hands, so they chose to work on a craft together.

ITZY’s Chaeryeong (left) and Lia (right) | ITZY/YouTube 

And although there are many sorts of crafts that they could have worked on to create “couple items” to wear…

| ITZY/YouTube 

… They decided to use old jeans that they don’t wear anymore and reuse them to make tea coasters.

| ITZY/YouTube 

And the hair ties that they made were made from material that the shop provided them that was either “secondhand fabrics or donations from neighbors.”

| ITZY/YouTube 

And while they struggled a bit with the sewing machines…

| ITZY/YouTube 

… And picking the right complementary colors…

| ITZY/YouTube 

… They ended up making absolutely adorable hair ties.

| ITZY/YouTube 

| ITZY/YouTube 

That they got to use immediately as they went out to eat together.

| ITZY/YouTube  

And Lia and Chaeryeong both made sure to encourage fans to do similar projects of their own, reusing old clothes rather than simply getting rid of them.

| ITZY/YouTube  

| ITZY/YouTube  

Lia and Chaeryeong truly took the opportunity to promote an enjoyable, environmentally conscious activity, definitely showing off how kind and considerate they both are.