Fans Have Noticed ITZY Lia’s Nervous Habit And The UWU Is Real

Her nervous habit is the cutest!

A lot of people bite their nails when their nervous, others twirl their hair or tap their feet, and then there’s ITZY‘s Lia who does something so cute fans can’t help but feel their heart warm up every time they see it!


It’s got to be pretty nervewracking standing in front of a crowd of fans waiting to find out if your group is taking home the trophy during music shows. So it isn’t too hard to imagine why an idol would pick up a nervous habit. But the normal nervous habits go right out the window when it comes to Lia!


Lia has a very unique habit of holding onto her members! During the first three music show wins, fans noticed Lia had the same MO. She would turn to the members who were close to her, tap them gently on the arm, and then clasp their hand when they offered it up!


Although nervous habits aren’t always a good thing, fans have fallen head over heels for this incredibly soft and cute display.


They’re already so used to it, some fans were a bit surprised not to see her do it during their fourth music show!


Lia’s nervous habit really is incredibly cute!