Here’s ITZY Lia’s First Impression Of NMIXX’s Jinni From Their Trainee Days

“When I saw Jinni…”

Since the ITZY members trained alongside the members of JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group NMIXX, both groups have been sharing stories of their trainee days together. Lia couldn’t forget her first impression of Jinni and shared it with fans.

NMIXX’s Jinni | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Looking back on meeting the NMIXX members as trainees, Lia remembered how unique Jinni was. She couldn’t quite put it into words and said, “When I saw Jinni, I was like, ‘Jinni is really…’

Figuring out the perfect way to explain it, Lia noted how chic Jinni is now and knew right from the start that she would be. Lia said, “She looks very cool. I said she will look even cooler when she grows up.

When first meeting Jinni, Lia was impressed by her style. She said, “Jinni used to look really hip. Although she was really young at the time.” It wasn’t just Jinni’s looks, either.

Lia mentioned that “Jinni’s vocal tone had a hip aura” and wasn’t the only thing she remembered from those days.

Although Lia couldn’t finish her thought because of the shaky wi-fi connection, she noted how Jinni’s “vocal tone, dancing, and looks” gave off a cool vibe that proved she would be a star.

Even from a young age, Lia could see how one-of-a-kind Jinni was and the amazing stage presence she would have.

I always used to say this to Jinni. ‘You’ll grow up to be a huge star.’ That’s what I really thought.

— Lia

| @nmixx_official/Instagram
Source: Naver Live