ITZY’s Lia Has The Best Response For How International Fans Can Enjoy K-Pop Without Speaking Korean

She believes fans love ITZY’s self-love concept.

Many international K-Pop fans are familiar with being asked why they enjoy K-Pop when they don’t speak Korean and can’t necessarily understand the lyrics of the music they listen to.

Of course, lyrics are accessible for fans to read, and K-Pop fans are especially dedicated to making sure translations are available for international fans.

When asked about ITZY‘s “universal appeal” with their music, Lia felt that fans really resonated with ITZY’s self-love concept.

I think one of the reasons why so many people like our music is because of its meaning, and the message it tries to send.


Lia and Yeji | REACT/YouTube 

And while she acknowledged that some fans may not speak Korean and may not understand the lyrics without a translation, she also points out that the English lyrics in ITZY’s songs can also make it hard for Korean listeners who may not be fluent in English.

But I understand how some people, for them, maybe if they don’t speak English or [Korean], it’s going to be hard for them to actually understand the meaning of the lyrics.


Yuna, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Lia, and Yeji | REACT/YouTube 

But, according to Lia, since K-Pop is so focused on performances, fans don’t have to be able to understand lyrics in Korean or English to comprehend the meaning of their music.

But I think, still, our performance or our facial expressions and the melody and the song itself kind of expresses [our] message. So you’re able to kind of understand the vibe and the message of it even if you don’t really know the language.


| REACT/YouTube 

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Source: REACT