ITZY’s Lia Loves The One Thing About NMIXX’s Lily That’ll Never Change

Since their trainee days, Lia can always depend on Lily for it.

Looking back on her trainee days with the members of NMIXX, ITZY‘s Lia opened up about how little Lily has changed since then and why she adored her for it.

NMIXX’s Lily |

Because Lily spent seven years training to finally make her debut, Lia was ready to call her a sunbae for all of her hard work. She said, “Lily has seniority over me. Lily has been with JYP for a really long time.

In the years they spent training together, Lia couldn’t help but notice how Lily has always been herself and “hasn’t changed at all over the years.

Still, there was one thing about Lily that Lia could always count on. Lia laughed, “Lily is just…Lily is so cute.

In particular, Lia adored the way the Korean-Australian spoke. She explained, “Lily still speaks the same way she did back then. Do you know how cute Lily is when she speaks Korean or when she says hi?

No matter how much Lily grows up, she’ll never stop being a cutie to Lia.

Source: Naver Live
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