ITZY’s Lia Receives Harsh Criticism For Being A Lazy And Subpar Dancer

“Is Lia serious…?”

When M2 shared ITZY‘s Relay Dance video to “Dalla Dalla” taken at the 2019 KCON Thailand, fans were thrilled to see the members perform the fun choreography in front of everyone again.


As the relay dance continued throughout the video, however, K-Pop loving netizens couldn’t help but notice how member Lia “never gives her all when she dances”.


In comparison to the other members, whose dance moves are — regardless of whose part they’re dancing to — energetic and exciting to watch…


… Lia’s moves are, unfortunately, below netizen expectations.


While, understanding the nature of these relay dances, it is not expected for the idols to bust out the full choreography, fans do still want to see the members dance with some of his/her own flare added in.


And, according to netizens, Lia simply wasn’t showing any effort to fulfill this. Since the release of the video, netizens have been harshly criticizing Lia for being a “lazy dancer” and not putting in her best work.


Watch the controversial relay dance below: