ITZY’s Lia Made Sure She Won The Arm Wrestling Match Against Ryujin With A Little Help From Her Teeth

Meanwhile, Ryujin wasn’t going to let her get away with it that easily!

In between filming for the Idol Star Athletics Championship, ITZY had a brilliant plan to boost their competitive spirit, simply have fun, and enjoy their time with MIDZY by flexing their arm muscles in an arm wrestling tournament!


The first round of competitors was Yuna and Chaeryeong. With the strong maknae showing off her skills, she soon overtook her unnie and won the match!


With Yuna and Chaeryeong’s match now over, it was now time for Lia and Ryujin‘s. Only Ryujin had no idea what exactly she’d just gotten herself into!


As Ryujin and Lia battled it out, Lia’s super competitive spirit kicked in and once she decided that she had to win, well, she wasn’t afraid of sinking her teeth into the competition…literally.


As soon as Lia’s teeth met Ryujin’s arm, the match was over but that didn’t mean Ryujin was going to let her take the victory that easily! After Lia had tricked her way to winning, Ryujin along with Yuna showed MIDZY exactly what Lia had done to win.


But all Lia did was smile and wave to MIDZY!


Lesson learned! Never challenge Lia to an arm wrestling match!