ITZY Lia’s Shy Way Of Saving Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon From Confetti Is Melting Hearts

Lia was quick to save her senior from some tricky confetti.

After ITZY‘s Lia caused a hilarious moment for her and her members from confetti sticking to her teeth, she didn’t waste any time helping out her senior Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon in a similar situation.


When Ryujin and Lia appeared on an episode of Amazing Saturday, they didn’t pass up the chance to dance their debut song “DALLA DALLA” with Taeyeon.

As an experienced performer, Taeyeon ended the performance with a bang. Using confetti she’d made moments before, she threw it into the air for a finishing touch that left everyone impressed.

Since pieces of the confetti stuck to Taeyeon’s hair and stayed there as she retook her seat, Lia couldn’t let it go unnoticed. In the calmest and gentlest way, Lia slowly reached out to remove the piece on top.

Although the show didn’t air what happened next, seeing Lia so eager to lend a hand touched the hearts of viewers. With Lia’s help, Taeyeon was able to clear away all the confetti to look her best.

Taeyeon | @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Check out Taeyeon being the ultimate ending fairy and Lia lending a helping hand.