ITZY’s Lia And Stray Kids Han Are Making Fans Fall For Their Charms

That’s a JYP family duo everyone needs more of.

The 2020 MBC Gayo Daejejeon didn’t miss the chance to have collaborations that couldn’t be seen anywhere else. One of them was a stage for SSAK3‘s “In Summer” performed by THE BOYZ‘s Juyeon, ITZY‘s Lia, and Stray KidsHan.

Even though they all performed well together, fans couldn’t help but fall for the charms from Han and Lia’s cute moments together.

Halfway through their stage, Lia cutely backed up toward Han, followed by giving both Juyeon and Han a high-five. That wasn’t what had fans loving the JYP Entertainment artists most, though.

Right after Lia and Han’s high-five, the two put on their cutest smiles as they waved to the camera. The brief moment had fans loving how adorable they were together.

While Han and Lia had the cute angle covered, Juyeon also won over fans with his smooth vocals and cool charm. The trio had it all.

Check out the cute moments between the JYP Entertainment junior and senior that had fans falling for their adorable charms, along with Juyeon’s charisma.