ITZY’s Lia Supercharged The Group’s Chaotic Energy For Their Song “Sneakers”

ITZY got an energy boost from Lia!

ITZY‘s most recent Korean language comeback, titled “Sneakers,” was about becoming confident in one’s true self and being able to figuratively run happily together towards freedom, wearing sneakers that feel comfortable and right to wear. The theme of acceptance has also been an element in other comebacks, such as in their songs “Dalla Dalla” and “Wannabe.”

ITZY members RyujinChaeryeongYunaYeji, and Lia (left to right) in the music video for “Sneakers” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

It makes a lot of sense that the motif of self-love and happiness has been present in their singles since the members also seem carefree, strong, and independent. They seem to have no problem staying motivated and lively!

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Their spirit was especially evident in a behind-the-scenes video of the girls recording an early version of “Sneakers.” Although it was a serious session, and it must have been exhausting to record vocals repeatedly, each member kept up the positive vibes by making each other laugh! Lia, in particular, was animated and kept bouncing around while singing.

| ITZY/YouTube

The members drew a lot of strength from her hyperactivity and cuteness!

Sometimes, it got a bit too out of hand.

Ultimately, it was all for the best because the director specifically asked them to put chaotic energy into the song, which sounded utterly natural!

It’s heartwarming to see the ITZY members uplift each other so quickly like it’s second nature for them. All the members can step up and support the entire group when the others need to rest.

The full behind-the-scenes episode, complete with dance practices for “Free Fall” and “365,” is below.