ITZY’s Lia Wanted To Defend Herself From Her Members’ Accusations, But Knew She Couldn’t

She knew she was going to lose either way.

In a recent interview with BuzzfeedITZY‘s Lia felt attacked by her members’ accusations!

When asked, who in the group is most likely to be caught napping, all members pointed at Lia! There was no exit point for her because everyone pointed at her!

Lia just smiled at the camera when she saw everyone pointing at her direction! She couldn’t do anything about it, and just flashed her cute smile!

But, it looked like she knew that she had nothing against her members’ answers because she knew herself well! She knew that defending herself from her members was useless, and so she gave up and just admitted the truth.

I would like to defend myself, but sadly that’s the truth.

Watch ITZY’s full interview with Buzzfeed here: