ITZY’s Lia Was In Charge Of Giving Yuna Her Game Punishment But Immediately Regretted It

Lia had instant regret:

ITZY were guests on Pikicast‘s After Mom Sleeps, where the goal of the show is to complete tasks while being as quiet as possible. But carrying out tasks like chopping vegetables isn’t exactly easy which is why ITZY experienced some fails and were penalized by having to wear funny costumes and extreme blush.


Which is exactly how Lia got herself into a bit of a squeeze. When Yuna set off the buzzer during the vegetable chopping game, Lia was the one who got the honors of dishing out Yuna’s punishment.


While Lia couldn’t help laughing over the blushed up Yuna, she was soon regretting it big time! As the game continued, with one wrongly placed chop Lia was the next member to set off the alarm…


Which meant she was the next to get punished. And the one who volunteered to deliver it? Yep, Yuna!


After making sure she had a nice amount of the blush on the brush…


She proceeded to get her revenge by giving Lia an extra dose of the look!


And when the rest of the members caught sight of Lia, well, they simply couldn’t hold back their laughter!


She still looked as adorable as ever though! Check out the regret-filled moment as well as many more hilarious moments below: