How Each ITZY Member Has Their Own Unique Dance Style: An Analysis

Lia, Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong & Yuna all have their own way of lighting up the stage.

When it comes to dancing, few girl groups are topping ITZY right now. One idol trainer even went as far as to call ITZY the “best K-Pop idol [group] ever” based on their dancing alone. Alongside their energetic moves and fun formations, one thing that makes their performances so great is how each member has their own dance style. Here’s an analysis that shows how different each member is when it comes to choreo.

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Lia – The “Adaptable” Dancer

Sadly, Lia made a heartbreaking confession about her dancing earlier this year. In the group’s “Letters to Midzy” video, she told fans that she struggles a lot with dancing and it took its toll on her at debut. It got so bad that when ITZY won awards, Lia felt guilty about accepting them.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to be a part of the performance, it’s just that I’m not good at it…

— Lia

Thankfully, Lia shared that she’s working through her insecurity despite how tough it can be. And she should definitely be feeling good about herself these days, because her dancing has improved in leaps and bounds since debut.

Lia can be described as the group’s adaptable dancer. No matter what the concept is, she always adapts well and unifies her dancing with the rest of the team. Despite not having a specialist technique yet, she plays an important role and makes up for any shortcomings with her sizzling stage expressions.

Yeji – The “Powerful” Dancer

Yeji is one of ITZY’s main dancers, and that definitely shows on stage. Believe it or not, she actually one revealed she hated dancing as a child. She only kept up with dance practice because her mom encouraged her too, but these days she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Yeji can be described as the powerful dancer of ITZY. Her dancing is all about high stamina, powering through the choreography like it doesn’t tire her at all. No matter how strenuous the moves get, she aces them on beat every time.

As ITZY grows, she only gets better at controlling her energy and creating sharp body lines. She’s also great at moving different parts of her body in different ways without making things look messy. If the choreo calls for sharp upper body moves and fluid hip moves, Yeji has it covered.

Ryujin – The “Intense” Dancer

Given how Ryujin got to dance with BTS‘s J-Hope for Love Yourself before she even debuted, it’s no surprise she made it into one of the best dance groups of her generation.

Ryujin can be described as ITZY’s intense dancer. When she dances, she uses her strength to make every move impactful. That’s why Ryujin leaves a particularly big impression when it comes to popping moves.

Despite having great force in her dancing, she never over dances. She always keeps her energy at the right level for each move, and her eye contact in performances is on point too.

Chaeryeong – The “Fluid” Dancer

Chaeryeong started performing professionally at just 12 years old, and over the years she’s honed her skills to become one of ITZY’s main dancers.

Chaeryeong can be described as the group’s fluid dancer. She moves like water, each move clear and flowing. She always internalizes the music, tailoring each move to the volume, the beat, and the overall vibe.

Just like real water, Chaeryeong excels at body waves. She’s also a pro at emphasizing all the details of a choreography, no matter how small.

Yuna – The “Youthful” Dancer

Yuna has a background in sports, winning a floor hockey medal during the four years she played competitively. Now, she leverages her high energy as part of ITZY.

Yuna can be described as the youthful dancer of ITZY. She always has a bouncy energy that brings everyone back to their teen and childhood days. In fact, she’s become bouncier as time goes by, indicating that she’ll probably still be a youthful dancer even when she’s an adult.

Alongside showing off her energy, Yuna matches her stage expressions to every move. She’s also great at putting her own twist on things, especially when it comes to upper body moves.


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