Meet Kobee, The Young Composer Of ITZY’s “Not Shy” Born In The Year 2000

Here’s all you need to know about this rare talent.

Did you know that the composer of ITZY‘s hit track “Not Shy” was born in the year 2000?

ITZY’s Ryujin in “Not Shy” promotion shoot

Meet the multitalented Kobee, a composer, producer, songwriter and—surprise—engineer!

Kobee (left) and Holy M (right) | @kobeethere/Instagram

Aside from “Not Shy,” Kobee’s discography includes ITZY’s “KIDDING ME,” GOT7‘s “Never Ending Story,” ONEUS‘ “In My Arms,” and Stray Kids‘ “Mixtape: OH,” among others.

Kobee, whose birth name is Lee Won Jun, recently guested on an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders,” where he revealed how he became a creator for JYP Entertainment at such a young age.

| JYP Publishing

He explained that he joined a contest when he was in high school and won with the song that he submitted. JYP Publishing, which houses record producers and songwriters under the label, just so happened to be the judges.

I started preparing to be a composer since my first year in high school. I was able to submit a song to a contest and luckily won.

— Kobee

Naturally, since he won the contest, he signed a contract with them.

The judges at that time were JYP Publishing, so I signed a contract with JYP.

— Kobee

In addition to his work in JYP Entertainment, Kobee is also part of a team of producers called Melange with freelance composer Holy M. More than just being business partners, they are like family to each other.

I work for JYP, and he was in a different composer team. We met and are now working together as Melange, a producer team. We’re friends and business partners, like family.

— Kobee

Kobee’s word of advise for aspiring composers is that age is just a number in the field. He believes that luck is dependent on desperation and hard work.

If you’re younger, you’ll get more merit of course, but I think age doesn’t really matter. You have luck depending on how desperate you are and how hard you’re trying.

— Kobee

It’s incredible how much Kobee has achieved at his age! JYP Entertainment is lucky to have such a multitalented person working with them.

| @kobeethere/Instagram

To see more of Kobee, watch the full video below.

Source: AYO, Instagram and JYP Publishing