ITZY Didn’t Expect Anyone To Figure Out The Original Lyrics For “DALLA DALLA”

Yuna was just as taken aback as the rest of the members.

Since songs often go through many changes before release, ITZY hadn’t expected anyone to figure out the original lyrics and meaning for their debut track “DALLA DALLA”.

Fortunately for fans, MMTG‘s host Jae Jae delivered and ended up revealing some new information about the track.

Lia and Yeji. |

In an episode where ITZY guest-starred, Jae Jae put the spotlight on the English version of “DALLA DALLA”. She noticed that dalla hadn’t been translated and could cause confusion by saying, “I think if foreigners hear this song, they might think it’s dollar, no?” Little did Jae Jae know, she was on to something.

Ryujin pointed out, “Oh, actually it was originally supposed to have a double meaning.Yeji revealed they’d never discussed it before that moment.

Jae Jae was up for the challenge and guessed, “Is it ‘Billion Dollar Baby’?” Her guess was so accurate that Lia and Yuna‘s mouths dropped open. Ryujin confirmed those were the original lines for the song.

Lia, Yeji, and Ryujin sang the original lyrics as they danced with Jae Jae, “Billion dollar, dollar babe.

See how different “DALLA DALLA” would’ve sounded without its catchy signature line.