ITZY Vote For The Most Photogenic Member — And Their Unexpected Conclusion Is Totally Correct

Their choice may surprise you…

ITZY recently spilled on who they think the most photogenic member really is, and while their choice is unexpected, they’re definitely not wrong!

(From left to rigt) Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yuna | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

ITZY are undeniably a group full of visuals. No matter what their concept is the members all always shine.

| @ITZYofficial

Yet, they were asked to pick one out of the five members as the most photogenic one, and the first person they chose was none other than leader and main dancer Yeji!

| Seventeen

Ryujin explained that Yeji can look good from practically every single angle…

…while Yuna commented that Yeji has very sharp features, which naturally work very well in her favor. Additionally, Ryujin said that “she has a lot of life in her face, so I think the cameras love her.”

And we think the cameras love her too! It’s pretty much self-evident.

Yeji |

Yet, Yeji wasn’t the only member to be named ‘most photogenic.’ The members voted for Lia as well, who definitely has unique visuals that make her really stand out.

Lia |

They pointed out that Lia has a very natural ‘vibe’ in her pictures, whic makes her look effortlessly gorgeous.

| Seventeen

Hilariously, once the members were finished singing Lia’s praises, Ryujin asked both Lia and Yeji, “Nothing to say to us?” At that, Chaeryeong adorably jumped in and added Ryujin and Yuna to the list of most photogenic members.

And, of course, they didn’t leave her out of it either! Chaeryeong was also showered in compliments, one of them being, “You look like an angel.”

The members of ITZY truly are their own biggest fans! Essentially, the conclusion is that every single one of the members is incredibly photogenic, which, really, is the only right answer.

For the full clip of the members gushing over each other’s visuals, click on the link below!

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