ITZY’s Reactions To Yeji Thanking The Wrong Awards Show Are Absolutely Priceless

Ryujin and Chaeryeong’s faces say it all.

ITZY attended the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards and received the awards for “The Rookie Of This Year” based on digital sales and “The Style Of This Year” because of their stylist Choi Hee Sun.


When giving an acceptance speech for the former, Yeji‘s mishap of accidentally thanking the wrong awards show had the rest of her members both face-palming and laughing.

After their greeting, Yeji started by saying, “Golden Awards,” before quickly realizing her mistake. In a few seconds after saying it, she corrected herself. Even though she’d been quick, her members were faster with the looks of shock on their faces.

Ryujin caught it instantly, raising her face with wide eyes and an open mouth. Lia leaned forward for a closer listen, unsure she’d heard correctly, especially with her role as one of the hosts.

Chaeryeong had a similar reaction as Ryujin. Her first instinct was to reach out to Yeji, signaling her mistake. Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped to the floor. She tried to hide her reaction by covering her mouth, but it was too late. With Chaeryeong’s reaction taking the cake, that was all Yuna could focus on, making her burst into laughter.

By the end, they all couldn’t help but laugh off the mistake and their own reactions. Chaeryeong still wasn’t over the embarrassment quite yet and looked down to hide her face, or maybe some laughter.

As rookies, it’s expected that they’ll make mistakes like this. Not only did their reactions show how sorry they’d been but how hilarious they can be. See their priceless reactions to Yeji’s slip of the tongue here.