ITZY’s Ryujin And aespa’s Giselle Wore The Same Cardigan And Shirt But With Different Vibes

The close friends showed off their similar yet different styles.

To fans’ delight, close friends ITZY‘s Ryujin and aespa‘s Giselle were spotted wearing the same clothes on two different occasions and rocking them with their own personal twists. One of those items was Sculptor‘s Moo Fuzzy Crop Cardigan worth $115 USD.

| Sculptor

With her hair pulled into a ponytail, Ryujin turned the cardigan into a v-neck and paired it with a pair of high-waisted jeans. The jeans featured dark blue stripes down the side that perfectly tied into her bag. Ryujin’s look focused on the details, while Giselle took a different approach.


With her hair flowing free, Giselle was the perfect picture of carefree and comfortable. Like Ryujin, she also wore high-waisted jeans but showed her own style by wearing a dark wash. She also kept the look simple but chic by adding a pair of chunky white sneakers.


That wasn’t the only time the close friends were matching. For an appearance on Weekly Idol, Ryujin wore a long-sleeved blue shirt with red detailing that was tucked into a pair of dark shorts. With her chunky blonde streaks and hair pulled back on the sides, she gave off a gentle yet confident cuteness.

Giselle wore the same shirt during an interview with MTV News and styled it similarly to Ryujin. While Ryujin wore shorts, it appeared that Giselle tucked her shirt into a black skirt for a more refined look. Between her long hair and simple jewelry, she effortlessly gave off a delicate yet timeless vibe.

| MTV News/YouTube

Although the close friends may have similar tastes in the clothes they wear, they give the clothes completely different vibes from their styling.

Same Fit, Different Vibes