ITZY’s Ryujin Gives A Shoutout To “All of Us Are Dead” Actress Cho Yi Hyun And Praises Her Incredible Beauty

And that’s coming from visual queen Ryujin herself!

Netflix‘s hottest K-Drama at the moment is definitely All of Us Are Dead. It circles around a zombie apocalypse and the high school students who try to survive it with their lives on the line.

All of Us Are Dead Cast

Several fresh faces became overnight sensations thanks to the K-Drama. These included Park Solomon as Lee Su Hyeok, a former delinquent…

Lee Su Hyeok | Netflix

Yoon Chan Young as Lee Cheong San, the selfless protagonist…

Lee Cheong San | Netflix

Park Ji Hoo as Nam On Jo, the childhood friend of Cheong San who is knowledgeable about survival skills…

On Jo | Netflix

…and Cho Yi Hyun as Nam Ra, the cold and intelligent class president.

Nam Ra | Netflix 

Besides having millions of casual supporters around the world, Cho Yi Hyun in particular is quickly gaining many celebrity fans as well! One of them is none other than ITZY‘s rapper and dancer Ryujin.


The K-Pop idol couldn’t stop praising her in a live broadcast beginning with her visuals, saying, “Cho Yi Hyun, she’s so pretty.” She also named Nam Ra as her favorite character among everyone in the cast.

Unsurprisingly, the two top stars crossed paths before in a salon. Singers and actors often visit the same stylists to prepare for their respective schedules, and here, Ryujin was able to see her current favorite actress!

I saw her several times because we go to the same shop and she was very cute and beautiful.

— Ryujin

Finally, Ryujin ended by proclaiming that she’s a big Cho Yi Hyun supporter: “I’m a fan.”

| @yihyun_1208/Instagram
Source: NAVER Live and Instagram

All of Us Are Dead