ITZY’s Ryujin Shows Off Her Sweet Personality By Taking Fan Letters After She Was Told Not To

She loves her fans.

ITZY‘s Ryujin never misses a chance to prove how sweet she really is. She recently had an opportunity to prove just how much she cares about her fans.

ITZY’s Ryujin |

Recently ITZY attended an Adidas Members Week live talk event and looked incredible.

After, the group even had a live dance class where they taught the choreography to their song “LOCO.”

On the way to the event, ITZY was met by adoring fans waiting outside for the girl group. Ryujin, in particular, gained attention for her tactics for communicating with MIDZY.

She didn’t hesitate to walk toward the fans, though was inevitably stopped by security. She was directed away from the waiting fans, who had letters to give, most likely for safety reasons. Fans totally understood.

As the other members sweetly smiled and waved at fans as they made their way through the crowd, Ryujin had other plans.

She was going to get those letters no matter what. As ITZY left the event, Ryujin quickly grabbed whatever letters she could.

Just look at how smoothly she takes the letters. She’s a total pro.

Fans thought this was a sweet gesture, considering she had initially been directed away from collecting the letters.

How can you not love her?