ITZY’s Ryujin Hyping Up aespa Is Peak Bestie Energy

We need more of Ryujin and Karina, please.

Since ITZY and aespa have been promoting at the same time, many hoped to see interactions between the two groups and have received their wish.

Ryujin had fans loving their growing friendship with an interaction that proved they’re on their way to being the best of friends.


When the two groups were nominated for the number one song on Music Core, aespa took home the win with “Savage” but was quick to show respect to their seniors. ITZY was just as happy for their juniors, especially Ryujin.

As the members of ITZY left the stage, Ryujin stayed back. Full of energy, she danced to “Savage” as she approached Karina and Winter. Karina followed Ryujin’s lead as they both danced together.

Since the rest of ITZY looked ready to join in too, everyone’s looking forward to the full fancam of aespa’s encore stage to see how close the two groups have become. Until then, everyone can enjoy this sweet moment.

Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter
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