ITZY’s Ryujin Reveals Which JYP Entertainment Artists She’d Pick For A Dream Project Group

She has a vision for her fellow labelmates.

ITZY‘s Ryujin finally completed her first solo pictorial, appearing in Vogue Korea‘s April 2023 edition. The talented ITZY member showed her incredible visuals and ability to pull off multiple fashion styles in the magazine and behind-the-scenes videos from the photo shoot.

Along with the photos published in the magazine, Ryujin gave MIDZYs additional content when she sat down with Vogue Korea to film VOGUEMEETS where she candidly answered fans’ questions.

ITZY’s Ryujin | VOGUE KOREA/YouTube

Ryujin is known for her confidence on stage, her ability to pull off any concept effortlessly, her gorgeous visuals, and, of course, her incredible talent.

In her photoshoot, Ryujin tried various styles, pulling off a colorful punk look with ’90s chunky blonde highlights…

… in other photos, she presented a chic and fashion-forward image with a short, blunt bob and trendy bangs…

… and in others, she joined the Y2K fashion craze, wearing a bright pink and red outfit with matching colorful sunglasses and a smiley face vinyl.

Just as she showed various sides of herself in her photoshoot, she also opened up to MIDZYs in her VOGUEMEETS video and showed her laidback and relatable side in the responses she gave.

While answering fan questions, she opened up about her dream for herself and her fellow JYP Entertainment artists. Like other entertainment companies, Ryujin said she hopes to do a “family” concert where all the company’s artists come together for the show.

She already has it planned out, with dreams of interacting with her “TWICE unnies” and taking care of the younger artists.

It would be so fun and nice if there was such an opportunity.

— ITZY’s Ryujin

If they ever were to do a concert, she also hopes the artists can collaborate in teams. When asked what her dream JYP Entertainment project group would be, she revealed she’d had one in mind for a while.

In her dream project group, she said she would gather strong vocalists from TWICE, ITZY, and NMIXX and named TWICE’s Jihyo, ITZY’s Lia, and NMIXX’s Haewon and Lily as her ideal project group members.

Hopefully, the talented group will one day be a reality!

Check out Ryujin’s full VOGUEMEETS interview below:


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