ITZY’s Ryujin Could Be The Sixth Member Of TXT, Here’s Proof

Rookie groups supporting other rookie groups. Everyone loves to see it.

Having both debuted in 2019 and coming from big entertainment companies, ITZY and TXT certainly have proved their worth as “monster rookies” with how well they’ve been received.

In fact, it turns out that Ryujin could easily become TXT’s sixth member and fit in without any problems.

During one of ITZY’s appearances on stage, fans captured a moment where TXT’s “Run Away” was playing. Ryujin didn’t shy away from dancing to the song.

She didn’t bust out just any dance moves, either. Ryujin actually knew the main points of the choreography. Even the audience had been impressed by the unexpected surprise, shouting their excitement.

Ryujin nailed the choreography so well that she could’ve stood on stage with TXT and would’ve looked right at home beside them.

Just look at how well Ryunjin’s moves match up with Beomgyu‘s choreography from the chorus.

While fans weren’t sure if rookie groups listened to other rookie groups, this clip completely answered their question. If TXT ever needs someone to fill in or another member to add, Ryujin would definitely be the top choice.

After seeing this, a collaboration stage between the two groups would be an instant hit, as well.

Check out how well Ryujin nailed the “Run Away” choreography here.