ITZY’s Ryujin Has Such High Standards For Herself, She Was “Disappointed” When She Saw Her TikTok Challenge With WJSN

She did AMAZING though!

ITZY and WJSN are K-Pop idols for a reason!

ITZY’s Yuna and Cosmic Girls’ Bona

They both promoted around the same time last May, with ITZY coming out with “In the morning” (also known as “MAFIA”) and WJSN THE BLACK releasing “EASY.”

Because they were together while waiting for their turns during music shows, they decided to use the time to do something fun—filming TikTok videos!

Both “In the morning”…


누구일까 마😎피😎아😎 #ITZY #있지 #ITZY_GUESSWHO #마피아_inthemorning #마피아챌린지 #inthemorningchallenge #우주소녀 #더블랙 @official_wjsn

♬ 마.피.아. In the morning – ITZY

…and “EASY” were short but flawless performances. Exy, Bona, Ryujin, and Yeji reminded everyone that they’re top-notch dancers.


[WJSN]#soeasy_challenge with #ITZY #있지#예지 #류진 🖤#우주소녀 #엑시 #보나 #EXY #BONA#우주소녀_더블랙 #쏘이지챌린지#WJSN_TheBlack #MyAttitude#TheBlack #더블랙 #Easy

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – wjsn_cosmic – wjsn_cosmic

After the videos were filmed, Ryujin held a live broadcast. Even if the videos received the praise of thousands of fans, she commented that she wished she did a little better.

I filmed a challenge with WJSN. I was kind of disappointed because I wasn’t sure of the dance.

— Ryujin

Like the true performer that she is, she holds herself up to high standards.

I could have danced better. I was just focused on getting the beat right. I am disappointed because I don’t think I danced well.

— Ryujin

ITZY’s Ryujin

Despite not being fully satisfied with her own performance, she was still happy after filming the video. After all, she got to spend time with WJSN!

But they taught me well and stuff so I was grateful. They are so pretty. The best. Really! Their personalities were so good.

— Ryujin


Moreover, who can deny that Ryujin was anything but perfect in the video?

Source: Naver Live