ITZY’s Ryujin And Yeji Share The Sweetest Interactions With Bebe Rexha After Their KCON Performance Together

Their smiles are so bright around each other.

What started as a dance project turned into a legendary international collab, and despite all the glory, ITZY and Bebe Rexha were the sweetest and most humble queens in their interactions together.


Several months ago, Yeji and Ryujin released a mesmerizing dance cover of Bebe Rexha’s “Break My Heart Myself,” stunning everyone, including Bebe herself, with their immaculate dance skills and insane charisma.

After several Twitter interactions and many prayers from MIDZY, Ryujin, Yeji, and Bebe released an official remix of “Break My Heart Myself.” As if that wasn’t enough, they even prepared a special performance at KCON in August, where the three took the stage for a live performance of the remix. The screams were deafening as they burned the stage, and while the girls were fierce while performing, their sweet and humble personalities shone through behind the scenes.

During the rehearsal for KCON, Yeji and Ryujin were excited to tell ITZY’s about the collab stage they had prepared, and they couldn’t believe that the little ball they had rolled out had resulted in an avalanche of opportunity.

The happiness in Yeji’s eyes proves just how excited the girls were for the performance.

At most, Ryujin and Yeji were only hoping that they could one day meet with Bebe. Now, they have an official remix and a live stage with her at one of the biggest K-Pop festivals internationally.

After the performance, Ryujin, Yeji, and Bebe exchanged the sweetest smiles and words, with Bebe wishing the girls all the happiness in the world.

Ryujin then told Bebe that ITZY would return to L.A. in October for their world tour, and Bebe promised to attend without hesitation. She also promised to take them out for dinner when they went to L.A., and it’s clear to everyone that the girls have grown fond of each other.

Even after Bebe left, Ryujin and Yeji couldn’t stop smiling.

Dreams really do come true, and we can’t wait to see how their friendship will blossom.

I feel like we’ve made this special connection. I was really happy on stage as well.

— Yeji