ITZY Shows Off The Cute Souvenirs They Got From TWICE

TWICE being thoughtful seniors is the gift that keeps on giving.

In ITZY‘s latest vlog, they revealed the moment they met their seniors TWICE at TWICE’s Tokyo Dome concert.

At the meeting, the members of TWICE handed ITZY cute little finger puppets of TWICE’s “Lovely” plush dolls.

The girls cooly went their separate ways, but when ITZY was alone they revealed that they really wanted the finger puppets.

YEJI: “We really wanted to get these.”


They even did a finishing pose with each of the finger puppets on their thumbs.

Surely the members will hold the experience and their souvenirs close to their hearts as a treasured memory as they progress as idols.

Watch the full vlog including footage of the girls visiting the famous Tokyo Tower below: