ITZY’s True Personality Was Revealed When They Reunited With An Interviewer From Their Past

This is so touching! 🥰

ITZY is currently preparing for their upcoming comeback with their first full-length album, Crazy In Love. Before the preparations for this comeback, the girls had an active schedule as the global spokesmodels for Maybelline New York. As a part of this, the girls did multiple interviews, including one special Thai interview with a familiar face.

ITZY for Maybelline New York |

Babo Prae is a Thai YouTuber who has done quite a bit of work within the K-Pop community, including an interviewer for KCON 2019 in Thailand. It was here that she first met ITZY in person, although she was already a MIDZY.

Little did she know that she would be reunited with the girls as their interviewer again for Maybelline’s Thai YouTube channel only a few years later.

Before the interview, Prae had an opportunity to sit down with ITZY and talk to them. She mentioned their first interaction, telling them, “I don’t know if you remember me or not…”

One of the members replied that “Ah yes, I know who you are.”

Prae was already touched that the girls had remembered her, but then the member added that the staff had sent her a photo, and she remembered Prae from their past interview.

Then after the one member remembered, the entire group discussed and remembered Prae.

After all of this, Prae could only tell them that they were her favorite girl group.

While it isn’t clear which member remembered her first, we have no trouble believing that any member of ITZY would put in the effort to remember their fans. It’s so sweet that ITZY went the extra mile before reuniting with their interviewer. To see Prae’s full vlog leading up to her interview, check out the video below: