Despite Being Performance Masters, Even ITZY Struggled With The Hand Choreography Of TWICE Nayeon’s “POP!”

They still mastered it within the day, though.

In episode 104 of ITZY‘s ITZY?ITZY! series, the girls released footage behind-the-scenes of their Gap of ITZY episode with TWICE‘s Nayeon. Nayeon’s “POP!” challenge is famous for its complex point choreography with the fast switch up of hand motions, and despite being performance masters, even ITZY related to the struggles of many who tried to learn the choreography.

Chaeryeong shared that when she covers a dance, the hardest part for her is copying dance moves. While she could master the choreography and all the tiny details if given enough time, she didn’t have much time to spare before covering “POP!”.


Yeji soon joined her to practice, but while the two were initially in sync, it started to fall apart as they got to the hand choreography.

Known as the detail master, it’s no surprise that not being able to master the hand choreography was frustrating for Yeji, to the point where she nearly cursed before covering it up with the lyrics to ITZY’s “ICY.”

ITZY admitted that this was the most difficult challenge yet for them because of the point dance. Chaeryeong gave up mastering the dance and said that even if she got it wrong during the filming, she wouldn’t show it on her face.

When Nayeon came, the girls expressed their worries, and Nayeon sympathized by saying it took her two days to learn the point dance.

Although ITZY insisted that they’d need at least three days to master the choreography, they overcame their troubles with Nayeon personally teaching them the dance. Perhaps for ordinary people it would take more than three days, but for the representatives of performance, even difficult choreography only takes a day.

Check out how they did here:


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And if ITZY ever do TWICE’s”Talk that Talk” challenge, we wonder if they’ll find it just as difficult, or even more so, than “Pop!”


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