ITZY And TXT Spotted Wearing Similar Airport Outfits On The Same Day

All their styles were almost identical.

In recent airport photos, fans noticed something quite funny about ITZY and TXT‘s fashion.

Lia was spotted wearing a long brown coat layered on top of a white shirt that looked all too familiar.

itzy lia

That’s because Beomgyu was spotted wearing one as well, though not as long, with a white shirt beneath.

txt beomgyu

The same happened with Yeonjun. An ITZY member also wore a style similar to his short black jacket.

txt yeonjun

Yuna‘s jacket was slightly longer and not in the same particular biker style but paired with a white t-shirt too.

itzy yuna

Chaeryeong was seen in a long black coat layered over a black patterned dress.

itzy chaeryeong

Precisely like her, Soobin wore a long black coat on top of a black shirt.

txt soobin

The styles were so spot-on; it’s almost like they planned it. But, it seems like it was all just a fun coincidence.

. . .