ITZY Won Their Fourth Trophy…And Immediately Broke It

At least there will be plenty more trophies:

It hasn’t even been a full month since ITZY debuted but the rookie girl group has already proven they are a force to be reckoned with! They’ve dominated charts, won their first music show in record time, and have continued winning! But it looks like the girl group may be a force in more ways than one!


On March 3, ITZY took home their 4th music show win with “Dalla Dalla”. Going head to head against Hwasa and Woody at Inkigayo, the race was tight but ITZY came out on top again!


The girl group was almost speechless finding out they were going to be taking home yet another trophy!


Celebrations started almost immediately after the members gave their thanks to everyone, but according to those who attended the show, there was one thing that didn’t last long…their trophy!


Although video of their encore performance hasn’t been officially uploaded yet, fans at the event have been posting about how Yuna accidentally dropped and broke the girls’ trophy!


The moment was probably shocking to the group and they must have been a little sad to destroy such a precious thing, but we’ve seen the future and it involves a lot more trophies coming their way!


Now check out the group’s winning performance below!