ITZY’s Yeji Was Able To Uphold Her Snack Queen Title With A Single Bite

Her snack skills were put to the test!

ITZY‘s Yeji has a serious love for snacks. She loves to munch on something tasty and her snack knowledge is so good that it’s said she can identify any snack with a single sniff.


So when she appeared on Idol League, the MC put her snack skills to the test!


After confirming that Yeji really does love a good snack and was confident in her snack identifying abilities, the MC brought out some treats to try and test Yeji’s nose.


With a couple of different tasty options at the ready, Yeji closed her eyes and gave the first treat a big sniff.


Unfortunately, she just wasn’t able to get any smell from the first snack while in it’s whole form, the MC allowed Lia to break it in half and scoot it closer for Yeji to get a good smell.


Although Yeji was unable to guess the first yummy food at first, she definitely knew the smell but was unable to think of the snack’s name. Thinking the next treat down might be a little easier and could eliminate a possible choice for the first one, Yeji moved on.


But no amount of sniffing was helping Yeji think of the right answer! Luckily, the MC let Yeji use her taste buds and as soon as the food hit her mouth Yeji immediately knew the answer!


In a single bite, Yeji correctly identified the snack and upheld her snack queen title!


Although the smells were a bit tricky, Yeji’s snack expertise was given plenty of time to shine. Check out her excellent snack knowledge in the video below!