ITZY’s Yeji Was Asked If She Monitors EXO’s Kai Performances And Her Answer Is Making Everyone Melt

Her answer is a win for EXO and ITZY fans!

ITZY made an appearance on Knowing Brothers where they had plenty of fun scaring the cast, showing off their amazing and hilarious variety skills, and of course, stunning everyone with their flawless dance moves!

While ITZY performed “DALLA DALLA” on the show and left everyone cheering, each of the members also gave a mini-performance to the song of their choice. As each member stepped up and stunned with their dance…

When it came time for Yeji‘s dance, she showed off her fierce and powerful moves.

As the Knowing Brothers watched her perform, her moves reminded Kang Ho Dong of another idol who is known for his own intense and flawless dancing, the one and only EXO‘s Kai!

As Yeji finished up her dance, the Knowing Brothers had to give her a standing ovation for her stunning moves.

But there was one more thing that Kang Ho Dong had to know; if Yeji had watched Kai’s performances before.

By any chance, do you watch Kai’s performances a lot?

— Kang Ho Dong

And when Yeji heard the question there was only one thing she had to say which Yuna agreed with wholeheartedly!

Of course! I respect him a lot!

— Yeji

Yeji’s words have been seriously warming the hearts of both EXO-Ls and MIDZYs, and really why wouldn’t it!