ITZY’s Yeji Claims the MVP Title with the Most Powerful Fastballs at the ISAC

Yeji’s pitch was the fastest of them all!

MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships recently aired for the Chuseok holidays, and ITZY‘s Yeji stole the show with her powerful pitches.

Yeji started off the games by stepping onto the mound with a determined look in her eyes.

She then made her pitch at 68 kilometers per hour and set the record for the fastest pitch.

Even the commentator praised her pitch my commenting, “If I was the coach and the bases were loaded, I’d definitely put Yeji in the game.

In the end, Yeji proved to be a skilled pitcher by accumulating 50 out of 50 points and obtaining the MVP title.

Yeji’s an absolute powerhouse!

Source: Insight