Close-Up Cam of ITZY Yeji’s Sick Moves Got Everyone Calling Her an Absolute Dancing Queen

Yeji’s dancing was SO spot on.

ITZY recently held their first showcase for their mini-album, “IT’z ICY” where each member lit up the stage with their individual charms and talent.

In particular, Yeji drew overwhelming attention with her precise and powerful dance moves.

Despite having to dance without a single break, Yeji nailed the choreography while also showing off her sexy and charismatic charms.

What added to her performance, even more, was her vast variety of facial expressions that matched the song perfectly.

Yeji’s moves were so spot on that fans are wondering what else she’ll have to offer fans in the performances to come.

Check out the close-up cam of Yeji’s dancing to “ICY” below:

Source: Insight