ITZY’s Yeji Reveals Her Thoughts On Fan Edits Of Her Famous Light Fury Meme

She knows what fans are doing 😂

In a recent MMTG episode, ITZY‘s Yeji revealed that not only is she well-aware of her resemblance to How To Train Your Dragon‘s Light Fury, she’s even seen fan edits comparing them both!

Light Fury in the movie “How To Train Your Dragon.” | DreamWorks Animation

When on the topic of the many hairstyles Yeji has tried in the past…

…they ended up talking about her famous meme. Apparently, fans have edited all of her past hairstyles onto Light Fury.

Yeji revealed how she is aware of the photoshopped images: “For every comeback, fans photoshopped my hair onto Light Fury!

She hilariously joked that it’s like a profile picture she can’t escape: “It’s kind of like my eternal profile picture.

In fact, she wouldn’t be surprised if people photoshopped her current hair onto Light Fury!

 I think people will do that with this hair, too.

— Yeji

Not one to be outdone, MMTG took it upon themselves to photoshop it, her fiery red hair a stark contrast to Light Fury’s bright white appearance.

Do you see a resemblance between Yeji and Light Fury?

See more of ITZY’s Yeji in the full video below!

Source: MMTG