ITZY’s Yeji Tried on as Many Different Headbands as She Could at a Recent Fan Signing

Yeji + long straight hair + headbands = SO PRETTY

ITZY recently held a fan signing in Seoul, and among all of the gorgeous members, Yeji especially stood out with the number of headbands she tried on for her fans.

Yeji, who is normally known to tie up her hair on stage, let her straight hair down for the fan signing, and she looked absolutely beautiful.

The new hairstyle highlighted her big eyes even more, making her look pure and innocent.

In addition, Yeji graced her fans with big “eye smiles” that must have made the fans’ hearts flutter.

On top of that, she provided the fan service of putting on all the headbands she received, which only added to her stunning visuals.

Check out the video below for more of Yeji’s beauty:


Source: Insight