Why ITZY’s Yeji Is The Ideal Idol To Put Makeup On, According To A K-Pop Makeup Artist

Here’s what makes her stand out.

ITZY‘s Yeji isn’t just loved by fans, she’s also adored by professional makeup artists and hairstylists!

ITZY’s Yeji | JYP Entertainment

Recently, ITZY’s makeup artist, Jo Sun, and hairstylist, Ryu Ji, sat down for an interview with YouTube channel AYO.

Ryu Ji (left) and Jo Sun (right)

Jo Sun revealed that Yeji is the K-Pop idol they love experimenting on the most. Because of her luxurious features, she can pull off anything they try on her.

The subject of experiments = Yeji. She can pull off any concepts, so we get to try something new more often.

— Jo Sun

Being able to pull off a concept is one thing, but actually being willing to try it is another…and Yeji is open to whatever they want! She isn’t picky at all with the hair and makeup they give her.

She likes everything, because anything looks good on her. She likes anything.

— Jo Sun

It’s just as Jo Sun said. Yeji really does look stunning in anything and everything! Whether it’s fierce and vibrant makeup…

…or simple and sweet.

Learn more about K-Pop hair and makeup in the full video below.

Source: YouTube