ITZY Yeji’s Image Completely Shifts with Just a Change in Her Eyebrow Shape

It’s impossible to pick which image looks more stunning on her.

Multiple online communities have recently been putting a focus on ITZY Yeji‘s change in image depending on what eyebrow shape she’s flaunting at the time.

Before debuting with ITZY, Yeji appeared on SBS’s The Fan as a contestant.

And what the netizens are noticing is that back then, she had eyebrows that faced downward, making her look sweet as a puppy.

Despite having cat-like features, Yeji used to have eyebrows that gave her an innocent image.

But following her debut, Yeji began to make both her eyebrows and eyeliner face upward, highlighting the natural cat-like features of her face.

Fans can’t deny that Yeji’s image has changed since her debut, but what’s for certain is that she’s always looked stunning both before and with ITZY.