ITZY’s Yeji And Lia Reveal The Top Questions They’re Always Asked About JYP Entertainment

The first questions people ask aren’t about ITZY at all.

As artists from one of the biggest entertainment companies, ITZY‘s Lia and Yeji shared the top two questions that other people often ask them about JYP Entertainment.

Yeji and Lia. | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

During a game of word association for Singles Korea, each member had to express what came to mind at the mention of JYP Entertainment’s organic cafeteria JYP BOB.

Lia called it the “most famous” part of the company and shared why: “No matter who I meet, they just talk about JYP BOB. The people I met in society were more curious about JYP BOB.

Yeji had another question that took the top spot. She said, “They always ask, ‘Have you seen Park Jin Young?’ first. And the second question is whether JYP BOB is good.

That wasn’t the case for Lia, who asked, “Why do people always ask me if the meals are really good?” She wasn’t the only one who faced that line of questioning the most.

Yuna confirmed that people often ask her the same thing. She said, “But my acquaintances always talk about JYP BOB also.

Although ITZY is one of the company’s famous groups, many are humorously more curious about the food and the founder.

Check out Lia and Yeji sharing the questions they get the most about JYP Entertainment.