ITZY’s Yeji Looked Nervous Sitting Close To Chungha And Fans Find It Absolutely Relateable

Adorable interactions!

During the Melon Music Awards (MMAs), ITZY was seated next to Chungha. In fan cams of the event, fans noticed how nervous Yeji looked, and though many found her positively adorable, many wondered why she looked as if her heart was beating.

Soon after, it appears Yeji plucked up the courage and… turned to speak to Chungha! She leaned over and is seen congratulating the soloist with a big grin on her face, clapping her hands together and cheering her on. Lia, who is seen between the two, also takes this chance to speak to Chungha, congratulating her as well and smiling.

K-Pop fans found Yeji absolutely relateable, saying that they’d also react the same way if their idol was sitting close to them. Many agree that all three idols looked gorgeous that night, with people commending Yeji for her sweet attitude. Netizens and fans alike can’t get over how cute she is, and many have pointed out how she has a fierce, classy image on stage, but in reality, she’s the biggest baby!

Damn, Hwang Yeji is so cute.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo