Past Photos Reveal That ITZY’s Yeji Always Looked like a Fierce Cat

She’s always been a fierce cat.

On February 22, a post titled, “Photos of Yeji Before She Debuted” was shared in online communities and social media. The post consisted of multiple photos of Yeji from the years before her debut with JYP’s girl group, ITZY.

In the photos, Yeji could be seen flaunting her big monolid eyes, sharp nose, and small face. They really prove that Yeji is a natural beauty.

Yeji is currently known as the ITZY member with a cat-like face due to her upward slanted eyes and sharp facial features. Last December, when she appeared on SBS’s The Fan, she was even compared to Wonder GirlsSohee.

Since Yeji has very unique features that stand out, it’s no wonder netizens are interested in how she looked before her debut.

So if you’ve ever wondered if Yeji was born with her sexy cat eyes, these photos suggest that the answer is probably yes.

Source: Insight