ITZY’s Yeji Reveals A Story Of How She Once Melted Off Her Own Eyelashes

She’s traumatized.

The members of ITZY recently released some cute behind the scene footage from their Singles Korea photoshoot. During the group’s fierce leader’s time on camera, Yeji shared a very intriguing story from her past!

While getting her makeup done, Yeji brought up a story from when she melted off her eyelashes! Yeji explained it all started from when she first got her lashes curled by someone else.

Someone curled my lashes once when I was little and I thought it was so cool so I tried it on my own at my dresser with a lighter and Q-tip.

— Yeji

Sadly, Yeji’s method of curling her eyelashes with a lighter and Q-tip turned out to be a huge mistake as she melted her eyelashes off!

My lashes melted away. For 3-4 days every morning and when I removed the Q-tip one day, my lashes were removed with it. So I didn’t have lashes on one side for a while.

— Yeji


Yeji conveyed her fear and shared that since that day, she doesn’t curl her lashes by herself anymore. Poor Yeji was traumatized!

So I’ve never done it alone ever since. I’m still scared.

— Yeji


Check out the video below: