ITZY’s Yeji And Ryujin Flawlessly Danced To BLACKPINK’s Songs And We’re All Winning

A definite win for MIDZY and BLINKs:

From the moment they hilariously snuck J.Y. Park’s song into their girl group medley to their amazing performances, ITZY definitely proved they’ve got some serious variety skills during their appearance on Idol Room. Besides proving they’re the queens of variety, ITZY also had a special surprise in store for MIDZY and BLINKs alike!


During the random dance portion of the show, BLACKPINK‘s “BOOMBAYAH” suddenly started playing and when it came on Yeji immediately reacted, joining Ryujin and Yuna to dance along!


And they all killed it…


Even if Yuna was ultimately given a “fail” from Jung Hyung Don!


While fans were already excited to see them dancing along to “BOOMBAYAH”, it got even better because the song later switched to “Kill This Love”!


With Yeji and Ryujin showing off their BLACKPINK dance knowledge and giving a very powerful performance…


Fans everywhere were celebrating the epic moment and declaring it a true win for BLINKZY everywhere!