How ITZY’s Yeji Maintains Her Slim Figure Without Working Out Every Day

The idol likes to work smarter not harder.

Like all the ITZY members, leader Yeji has a slim figure and a small waist anyone would be jealous of.


She even drives fans wild with glimpses of her abs. Since many have wondered how Yeji maintains her figure, the idol answered.

When Elle Korea magazine asked Yeji about her workout routine, she admitted, “The truth is, I don’t go workout on a regular basis. I don’t.

Instead, Yeji focused on staying within a specific weight range to maintain her figure. She said, “I weigh myself in the morning and at night. That’s very helpful when you’re dieting.

Because Yeji focuses on maintaining “more-or-less the same weight,” she recently considered building more muscle.

If Yeji’s planning to make time for the gym again, her abs might make a full return.

Listen to Yeji’s tip for keeping her figure slim.


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