ITZY’s Yeji Jokes That She Has Been Powerful Since Birth

“Born this way!”

STUDIO CHOOM recently featured ITZY‘s Yeji as their Artist of the Month for March, where the spotlight was placed on both her powerful dance moves and the philosophy behind it.

The girl group member has always been recognized for the strength that she displays when performing onstage. Yeji acknowledged this and remarked that people say that her powerful moves make them feel a fresh sense of relief by simply watching her dance.

She giggled and added that she must have been born strong, alluding to her natural ability to exude power when dancing for fans.

Yeji revealed that she feels many different emotions onstage, and that it’s a moment where she feels very happy and loved.

For me, dance is like another part of me. I can’t imagine myself without dance.

– Yeji

The video spotlighting the artist included moments of Yeji’s heels dance, which she had never challenged before. While filling over two minutes and thirty seconds without her fellow members beside her was difficult, she confidently wished that fans anticipate the upcoming performance.


Source: YouTube